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Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary-2310
Balázs Kozák - Manager
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Our researches have focused primarily on the intensive fish production of various fish spicies in cagies. Here are a few examples:
  • producing different fish (carp, catfish) from larva solely on artificial food
  • producing nursery carp and catfish on artificial food in cagies
  • producing big carp within a two-year period on artificial food in poly-culture
  • producing and fattening catfish, trout, different Acipenser Sp., and sterlet, amur, silver cap, giebel, burbot in cagies, in poly-culture, on artificial food
  • developing methods of hydrobiologically maintainable fish production in cagies in gravel lake
  • developing different methods of fishing in deep lake
Our developments are on the feeding, fishing, medication of fish in cage-culture and the maintenance of fish production in the gravel lake (by the help of a special aeration method).

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