0173/2 Kavicsbánya Tó
Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary-2310
Balázs Kozák - Manager
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Production                                                                   info@halinnofish.hu

We produce fish intensively both in cagies and in natural lake. From autumn to spring we raise and fatten burbot and trout, and keep the other breeds active (by the help of a special feeding method).

From spring to autumn we produce from a carp larva a 15 kilogram carp, from a European catfish larva a 12 kilogram full-grown fish, and from a 0,8 kilogram European catfish a 3-4 kilogram one. During this period we also produce different weights of tench, sterlet, Acipenser sp., amur, silver and bighead carps.

We feed our fish with high protein food; depending on the breed, the protein content of the food is 39%, 45% or 54%. Thanks to the low fat content of their food, the fish meet is “lawfat” too. We use automatic feeders.

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