0173/2 Kavicsbánya Tó
Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary-2310
Balázs Kozák - Manager
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+36 209 411 549   
About The Company                                                    info@halinnofish.hu

The roots of the company "HAL-INNO" stretch back to the beginning of the 1980s. It is located only three kilometers away from Budapest, at the Szigetszentmiklósi junction of the M0 beltway. HAL-INNOFISH Ltd. carries on the business of fishery on a 10 hectare, 6-7 meters deep gravel lake.

  • uses various technologies of fish production
  • has developed a novel fish storage technology that keeps fish active
  • produces fish in cagies intensively
  • stores active fish in cagies
  • exports and imports various products
  • wholesales and retails fish
  • does research and development mostly in the field of fish production and environment protection

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